Saturday, 3 August 2013

Future Primark hitlist! +life shizz!

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So, I went shopping with my mum, so I'm technically not breaking the shopping ban I set myself since my mum paid(it was all for things I needed, I promise!). We went past a Primark today and since the Easy jean dupe it has looked alright I thought I'd try some on. They fit/looked weird on me so I gave them a pass. Sadly, we didn't stay too long in there because we had more stuff that we needed to buy.

Not wanting to pass up on some bargains, I decided to have a look at the Autumn/Winter stuff that Primark is going to bring out and it really does not disappoint and I know that once my shopping ban wears off, I'm popping in to grab these beauties!
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I think we can all agree that this season's Primark clothing is getting even better and harder to resist to buy. However, the clothes sometimes looks better on photos because with some items, you can't look closely because the material can be incredibly thin but that's only some.

Well, I'm looking forward to bagging these soon! And of course looking forward to a stylish, grungy winter yay!

On a side note, to the store assistant who was incredibly rude to me in the phone store, I hope you learn to be a better person soon because being a miserable bitch isn't benefiting anyone :)

Edit: Just remembered I bought these a few days ago....Oops
Image 3 of ASOS DOMINO Trainers with Suede Detail
From: Asos
I promised myself that I'd start working out soon so these are kind of an incentive I guess :B
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