Sunday, 14 July 2013

Curb yo' shoppin'!

Recently, I've set myself a shopping ban, which I broke within two weeks.

Which I think. we can all agree is pretty bad.

To be honest, I know I own too many "things" I don't need, namely clothes, but the urge to buy is too hard resist. My wardrobe is literally so full I cannot cram any more things into it. Plus, the cupboards and suitcases....

What I'm trying to say is that nowadays it's hard to save because of all that's on offer and the constant bombardment of adverts and images of aspirations you should have and things you should own. In the end, I'm never going to use all of this "stuff" and it's all going to waste. So, I'm planning to donate some clothes to charity, clear up some space and go cold turkey on the spending. 

And whenever I think I'm going to give in, this mantra will kick in in my mind.
Source: Tumblr

This quote is actually so true, it hurts.

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