Sunday, 11 August 2013

August wishlist

My birthday is coming up soon so I'm going to compile a list of everything I'd wish for, real or not.

1.The weather has been real indecisive in the past few days to the point where I stick my hand out of my window to judge what to wear.
I've got s**tloads of clothes but don't have enough time in the mornings to match things and pick out an outfit so I just grab whatever and end up looking a mess. If only I had that outfit picker Cher from Clueless had. Hell I might even get some decent outfits since the 90s are back right?

Source:Google Images
2. I wish I could just randomly gain the ability to cook. It would not only save me hours of looking at food porn on tumblr but also actually let me taste it. I'm sick of looking at all the delish tumblr photos only to resort to butter on toast later. 

Just in case you've never experienced food porn then here are some examples:

WHO WANTS FOOD? I definitely do.

3. Urban Outfitters Dinosaur Kigu.
Source:Google Images

Who doesn't want to have need a dinosaur costume?

I can't really think of any more. I seem to always run out of ideas after listing 3 items/ideas.

Tbh, birthdays have never been amazingly important to me but compiling lists are always FUN!(That just made sound like some crazy super organised person, which I am sadly not.)
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