Monday, 26 August 2013

Review: L'occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream

I got a few samples from L'occitane the other day and have begun trialing them.
I loved the round shape of this sample so that's where I started first haha. 
Forgot to take a photo before I ripped opened the packaging, too excited oops...
I don't usually use body butter/cream/lotion/whatever they call it but my skin is getting quite dry so I thought I'd give this a go. 

It's neither thick nor thin, just in the middle in my opinion. It's easy to spread and that blob was enough for my hand. 
It smells kind of grandma-ish with soft floral tones, which I don't particularly like, but I have to admit, the scent is growing on me. It also absorbs really quickly and gives my skin a healthy glow.
Despite its great qualities, it is quite expensive so I don't think I will be buying it since there are cheaper alternatives. On the other hand, if you feel like treating yourself, go for it :)

*Disclaimer: This was a sample that was not sent for reviewing purposes.

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