Saturday, 24 August 2013

Week in pictures-Thursday and Friday

Woahhhhh, how fast has the week gone? Last Thursday I was like, I need to make a blog post but I'm too busy so I need to make it up on Friday and then Friday I did the same, pushing everything back a WHOLE WEEK! So I'm playing catch up. Two days condensed into one post. I am determined to document a whole week, in whatever way possible.
I literally rushed out of the house and took about 20min to get ready. So in a blind panic I just grabbed whatever from the fridge. Another yoghurt.
Wore my new shoes but felt slightly weird with white shoes.Plus it started raining and the shoes kept getting raindrops on which made it look like it was getting mud on it. Meh, feels like a bad buy :(.
Source:Google Images,Tumblr
Watched UP! Oh My Gawd. Bad decision. I was crying within the first five minutes. Then again half an hour in. And then at the end. It was just a non stop cry fest. Such a touching film.
Woke up early for work but was late I can't even remember why. My face was swollen from "Up!" and my eyes were all puffy so I looked an absolute state.
Put on some lipstick because to prevent myself looking like a complete ghost.
I painted my nails with Sinful Colours nail polish. I only put on 2 light coats so it was pretty light. It looks kind of pastel-y but I like it. I think it looks best with a black base coat though.
Finally bought some essential strappy vests, I put off doing so for soooo long that I avoided wearing all my white/cream chiffon clothing haha.
Blogging is hard :( Plus the way that blogger makes it hard to organise the positions of my photos makes it harder. grrrrrr.

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