Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Week in pictures-Wednesday

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Another early morning today :( Boo waking up early!

I didn't even manage to get a lot of pictures today because my phone decided it doesn't want to take photos and since I was at work DSLR wasn't possible :(

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I guess this isn't really today but I watched Monsters University last night! I LOVED Monsters Inc. Seriously, I watched it a bazillion times when I was younger and when I found out that this was coming out I was like OMGJDKGJBAKV. It was great but it's got nothing on the first film. 

Today's been interesting. A lot happened work-wise but nothing immensely interesting.
Bought a sandwich from Pret which in my opinion is nice but seriously overpriced for what it is but hey ho, who've I got to blame for being lazy and not making my own lunch.

And now I'm home. I've just spent half an hour trying to find the usb cable for my camera only to find it in the most obvious place possible. I even tidied my wardrobe to check I hadn't chucked it in there with a bundle of clothes >.<. All this effort for just this one photo as well. *sigh*

It tasted nice and I have nothing else to take pictures of except food haha.

*All photos are my own unless stated otherwise, please do not copy.

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