Monday, 26 August 2013

Week in pictures-Saturday and Sunday

Source: Banner and Pattern both Google Images
I'm still playing catchup! So onto Saturday of LAST week lol. I had work so nothing to blog about tbh :/

Source: Banner and Pattern both Google Images
On Sunday, I decided to finally catch up on my sewing project today since I was free. I was supposed to head out but really didn't want to move :( *superlazy*
I originally wanted to make a peter pan collar top but it messed up and things went wrong so I decided to  rip the collar off and just make a plain, cropped navy shirt. I plan on wearing it with a chunky necklace or some statement pants/skirt. I'm also going to make a separate detachable collar so I can have the best of both worlds :)
I'm quite pleased with the fit since I drafted the pattern on my own haha. I just traced around an existing top but altered it slightly so I guess that still counts right?
I was going to make a tutorial but since it didn't go exactly to plan, I spent most of my time furiously ripping out thread and forgot to take more pictures.
I'll upload a photo of me wearing it soon.
I've got a few more projects that I want to do but I'm a seriously slow sewer mainly because things don't ever turn out the same way I plan so 80% of the time is spent on ripping seams, and starting again.
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  1. Ooooo! I have always wanted to get into sewing or even making clothes but it's so hard to figure out by yourself! I'll be tuning into your posts! :)