Saturday, 24 August 2013


This post is really hard to write but I really need to get some stuff off my chest.

I've become rather unhappy at work recently, because of another colleague. Let's call them B. This is mainly due to B's slightly racist and very condescending/patronising way that he treats me. When I first started working, it was all fine and we'd chat and joke but recently it's like B's out on a witch hunt for me.

B comes from a good background with good parents but after finishing uni, couldn't find a course related job so has carried on living with parents. Now B look down on people based on which university they went to, what car/phone they have, where they live etc the list goes on whilst B plans to move his girlfriend in with his parents. Now, I'm not successful but I don't go around judging people based on where their house is when I can't afford to buy my own.

I know I am being waaay too sensitive about it because I am actually tainting my blog with negative shit but seriously, it's really gotten to me. I really like my boss so I stuck with the job until the end and now I'm leaving (because I'm moving), I'm actually really glad. I guess the saying high school never ends is really true, there's always a bully but you just really have to let them slide.

It feels amazing to get this out of my system. Ranting probably helps the soul.
P.S if anyone has any advice on how they deal with people like this at work then please comment below. I hope I won't get someone like this in my next job but who knows, better go prepared right?
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