Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 5-Put your iPod on shuffle and tell us the first 5 songs that play.

*Disclaimer* Could contain highly embarrassing music that I don't actually listen to so no judging!
1.Portishead-Glory box
    Love this song just because it's creates such a chilled atmosphere. I'm pretty sure I've fallen asleep listening to this song a few times.
2.Laura Izibor-From my heart to yours
    This one was free from iTunes haha. I won't say no to a good deal
3.Avril Lavigne-Headset
    From the scene years. That's all.
4.Ed Sheeran-You Need Me
    Amazing song. Amazing Man.
    Cross is one of THE best album of all time and Stress just has so much energy. Love it.
This really wasn't as bad as I expected because I have some real 80's shockers on there that shouldn't see daylight. Now the world knows how cool my music taste is. Yay.

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