Monday, 20 May 2013

Day 4-Talk about any piercings or tattoos you have.

I have 3 piercings, all on my ears and no tattoos, although I am willing to get one.
There isn't much to say about my piercings except that I pierced the third hole myself about 3 years ago. It hurt like a bitch but I  was bored and really wanted another piercing so I took the advantage of having the evening off to just stick a needle in it haha. It was really not a great idea because it got infected etc but I stuck with the salt water routine and it cleared up. I don't recommend piercing your own ears ever! The pain was like no other (cries).
On a side note, I think tattoos are awesome but I would really want mine to have some sort of meaning so I'm slowly in the process of deciding.

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